Picture of Maroon - Scotch Brite/SIA Fleece

Maroon - Scotch Brite/SIA Fleece

Approx 320 Grit
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A Non-Woven Web binds together synthetic fibres and abrasive particles to create a conformable, three-dimensional material. The open structure reduces the risk of warping or discolouring, and resists loading to improve the finish and increase product life. Still a popular choice for resurfacing bowling balls, automotive, metal, etc.

Comparable Grit Summary
  • Maroon - This is the roughest and most course. It equates to approximately 320 grit sandpaper.
  • Green - This is the medium textured pad. It will produce a 600 grit finish.
  • Gray - This is the smoothest and finest grit pad. It will adjust the surface to an 800 grit finish.
  • White – Ultra fine 1000-1200 grit

Price is for one pad each.


Our Price:  $1.75