Picture of Jost Uselt 500 Grit Superpad 6 Inch

Jost Uselt 500 Grit Superpad 6 Inch

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 Useit True Grit 500 Grit 5 inch bowling pad

The Only True 500 Grit Bowling Pad On The Market.


 Available Grits -  500, 1000, 2000.

These pads are an evolution of the true sanding grit for bowling on the market today. Abralon, SiaAir and other pads are nothing like this pad are the market today. It cuts true.In other words 500 is really a 500 grit.  Hickman (Creating The Difference bowling.  These USEIT TRUE GRIT PADS can be used for surface conditioning with a sanding performance far better Abralon,Sia air. Ron has developed a pad that is a real 500,1000,&2000 grit far better than any other grit on the market today.These pads were specially designed and made by Ron & Torch Bowling only THEY CANNOT be copied by anyone other company on the market today. The pads may be used wet or dry. These pads may be used by hand or with machine.Remember these pads CANNOT be copied.
















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