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TruCut 2000 Grit 5 Inch Pad

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 TruCut 2000 Grit 5 Inch Bowling Pad.


The only TRUCUT in bowling. All pads cut a bowling ball the way a pad should.Please take a minute out and look at the picture showing our weave backing.

You will see how our pad compares to others. Our weave backing cuts a better surface direct to the ball.

Available Other Grits 1000 & 2000

These pads will give a longer lasting,TRUE CUT that resists "Lane Shine" and improves consistency and bowling ball performance.

Check this out about the USEIT TRUCUT:

Longer Lasting

Cuts True To Grit (example 2000 cuts like a 2000 should)

Reusable and easily cleaned after every use

Easier to control sanding wet or dry

Hook and Loop backing

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